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2018 Grads - The FLY Program

FLY - Project Launch 2019

Finances, Life and Your Major

Project Launch wants to better prepare incoming freshmen to succeed in college. We know that to help you succeed, it’s not enough to just address your academic and financial obstacles; we also need to address preparation, competency, readiness, grit and everything else in between that comes with your first year!

FLY will assist you with the following:

  • Finances: Debt, current financial need and semester balance.

  • Life: Resiliency (self-care/coping skills), organization, access to resources, self-advocacy and responsibility.

  • Your major/Career: Professional communication, overall credits, remedial classes, registration, steps to your major, resources and professional communication.

In the FLY program we’ll provide two transitional workshops over the summer for the graduating Class of 2019. The workshops will help to better support and advise you through the transition to college, emotionally, and with the basics of life on a college campus.

This program is not meant to be punitive, but rather to assist you in your pursuit of academic success. Please remember that participation in RAW’s FLY program is voluntary

Program Requirements

1.     One-On-One Initial Meeting with Project Launch: The purpose of this meeting is to explain the program and help you explore ways in which you can improve your academic standing. This can be via video-conferencing, phone or at RAW in September.

2.     Academic/Success Advising: You must complete two advising meetings with Hebert on your campus or at your alternative program each semester. These meetings can also happen via Skype/Phone.

First Semester: The goals of these meetings are to go over concerns, successes and general adjustment to college/post high school life. We will also discuss choice of major and connecting with your advisor.

Second Semester: We will review topics like campus resources, job opportunities, career path exploration, total debt, and re-applying for the FAFSA. We will also provide information on how to transfer. Hebert will meet with students to go over the year and what has challenged them.

3.     Performance Monitoring: We will monitor your performance together, making sure you are on your way to achieving your goals, securing a successful second year, and making adjustments as necessary.

 These adjustments may include meeting with a counselor in your school’s Counseling Center, receiving tutoring at the Writing Center, visiting the Math Clinic, and/or attending academic success workshops throughout the semester.

4.     Academic Expectations: While you are attending your first meeting you will sign an agreement that outlines the academic expectations that FLY has for you including earning a cumulative GPA at or above a 2.0.

5.     Advising: To ensure that you are enrolled in appropriate courses for the Fall 2019 semester, you must meet with your academic advisor during the first week of school. You and your advisor will discuss your class schedule and make any appropriate changes. You must meet with your advisor before December 1, 2019.

6.     Exit Survey: At the end of your Spring 2020 semester, you will receive an e-mail survey about your experiences in the FLY program. Please be sure to respond to the survey with as much honesty as possible so that we may make any improvements we can!